Sex can be a very tricky subject to discuss with our kids, particularly once they hit their teens, and often it seems like there is an invisible wall up between us.


One mother and Reddit user has come in for major praise online however, on account of the action she took when she discovered her teen son's 'homemade sex toys'.


The unnamed 42-year-old took to the social networking site to share her dilemma after making the discovery, explaining how she had noticed 15-year-old Tyler spending more and more time alone in his room.


When she discovered missing household utensils among his laundry, she became concerned. With Tyler's dad not on the scene, she had to figure out how to handle the situation herself, and she turned to the Reddit community for advice on what to do.


After sharing her post, asking for help, the woman was inundated with messages - both on the thread and to her private message inbox - and she took on board the advice given.



In a follow-up post, the caring mother revealed that she did broach the subject to her son - and it was the best move she could have made.


"I told him that I care about him, which is why I don't want him to hurt himself...I also made sure to mention that what he was doing was completely normal/natural; he just needed to be more health-conscious about it," she wrote.


As well as lending a loving and supportive ear, the mother gave her teen son plenty of information about educational resources, and she also gave him a gift card.


As you can imagine, the woman has been praised online, with many Reddit users lauding her approach to such a sensitive subject. It just goes to show that care and understanding can go a long way with loved ones, even when you're on uncharted territory.