Just months after her six year old daughter finished her last chemotherapy treatment, AJ Brown was diagnosed with melanoma.


The 45 year old mother-of-two was diagnosed with the most dangerous type of skin cancer after her daughter Finley had finally finished her treatment for kidney cancer in December.



AJ spoke to Today.com about her diagnosis saying:


"I thought, we’re done – my family has had its share." 


However, a few days after her diagnosis, AJ came to the realisation that is was 'fine' as long as it wasn't either of her children.


 "You can’t spend every day for months when your daughter is sick, praying to God, please let it be me, please let it be me, and then be pissed when it’s you and not her."


"So I let go of the being mad part and realized, it’s me, that’s fine. As long as I don’t have to watch my kids go through this."


Last week, AJ's doctor removed the cancer from her thigh and she has been documenting her experience on her Facebook page with letters starting with "Dear cancer".



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