Myself and my husband have a 9-year-old girl. Before she was born, we said we’d have two but after she was born, he said he just wanted the one. I got PND after she was born and he says that’s the main reason for his decision but he also says there’s financial reasons.
I really think it was just that he didn’t realise a child was actually work and didn’t like the crying or his sleep being disrupted in those early months. I was devastated when he said he didn’t want anymore but I loved our little girl and still loved him so I stuck it out thinking it was enough.
A few years ago I had a strong desire for another child and tried to persuade him but he wouldn’t even consider it. He says we agreed not to have another and I’m wrong to bring it up and I said we’d agreed to have two first, so he was wrong to change his mind.
The desire to have another child has gotten stronger and stronger instead of going away. I’m only 32 so I have a decent amount of time left to have another baby. I’m genuinely considering leaving my husband and finding someone who shares my passion for a bigger family.
Can anyone offer advice?