My husband had a vasectomy a couple of weeks ago. We have 4 children and don’t want any more so we thought this was the best option. We told his parents last night and his mum’s reaction was really shocking.
She told us she was really disappointed in our decision and that we’d really upset her. She said it was really sad that we weren’t giving her any more grandchildren.
First of all I’m shocked that she was so vocal about this. It’s our decision and we had told her before we didn’t want to have any more. Not that we need her permission or blessing.
Also she brought up something else that I found awful. I pointed out that my brother-in-law could have children. My husband’s older brother is gay and I know he loves kids and has talked about adopting. When I pointed this out, my mother-in-law said that wasn’t the same and “those kids” would be her “proper” grand kids.
She knows we’ve struggled financially and for all her talk, she only visits the kids every couple of weeks and never offers to help with minding them, so I’m furious she’s giving us such a hard time. I’m also really furious for my BIL, who is an amazing man and is always popping around to our house to help out in whatever way he can. How dare she talk about the kids he might adopt some day in that way!
Am I being overly sensitive or was she in the wrong?