My 8yo girl regularly sleeps over at her aunt and uncle’s house. Their daughter is the same age as my girl and her aunt has an older son who is 14 from a previous relationship. Tonight I found out that the sleeping arrangements weren’t what I thought they were and I’m now really upset.
I presumed that DD was staying in her cousin’s room and that the two girls were just sharing the bed as it’s a double. But she told me that she usually stays in the older brother’s room as he has a couch in his room that pulls out into another bed.
I feel really uncomfortable at the idea of those sleeping arrangements. We’ve raised her to see him as a cousin and they all get on really well, but at the end of the day, he’s not a blood relative and it just feels wrong that she would be sharing a room with him considering he’s a teenager.
I don’t know how to bring it up with his mum or my husband’s brother without sounding incredibly insulting or as if I'm accusing him of something, but if I feel this uncomfortable, there must be something wrong with the situation and my daughter is my first priority.
I haven’t said it to my husband yet, but I can’t imagine he’d be happy either. Does anyone have any advice so I can go to him with a plan when I do tell him?