One mum has caused a stir with her ban on sugar in her household. 


Tonia Buxton surprised some viewers of Good Morning Britain with her anti-sugar rules, including the fact that she bans her kids from eating birthday cake at parties.


Tonia, who's a food author, cook, and mum-of-four, said that her job as a parent is to 'self-govern' her kids. 


She compared sugar addiction to cocaine.


“Once you have one, sugar has the same effect on the brain as cocaine. So, it’s a hit,” Tonia explained.



“So once you have one, they go crazy, they’re running around and then they’re coming down and then they want more, and another hit and another hit, so you’re better off not having any and having something that’s better for you.”


Parenting expert Amanda Jenner also appeared on the programme with a very different perspective on the matter.


The mum-of-three believes that 'kids have got to be kids' and that a treat once in a while won't do children much harm.


Amanda said that moderation is key, and suggested that if parents know their kid will being going to a sugar-filled birthday party at the weekend that they cut sugar from their child's diet during the week.



Mums and dads then took to the Internet to share their own opinions on the subject.


Many objected to Tonia's point of view, saying that treats are fine as long as they aren't the norm.


"I think a healthy spread followed by a piece of birthday cake is fine!" one person tweeted.


"It's down to the parents making sure that their child eats healthily away from the parties," another wrote, "Parties are a treat, so no, it should not be banned."



One Twitter user said that treats weren't the issue, but kids' sedentary lifestyle these days:


"It's not the sweets and cakes making them overweight, it's the lack of exercise. We now live in a world where children are sat in front of tablets, mobile phones and games consoles to keep them quiet."


Another parent agreed with them, saying, "Parties are about fun. As long as children are fit active and eat healthy choices at other times it should be OK."


A social media user agreed with Tonia, saying that it's 'your party and you serve what you deem fit' and that denying kids sugar was by no means 'cruel'.


What's your opinion? Banish birthday treats or let them eat cake?