A mother and her 17-year-old son have opened up about the abuse and ridicule they suffered following the teen's decision at the age of 16 to come out as transgender, and yet despite their difficulties Blake's mum says she doesn't miss having a daughter and supports her son every step of the way in his gender realignment process.

Blake, who was born Rebecca, struggled with the issue while growing up, initially coming out as bisexual under the assumption it would be easier for people to accept, saying: "I came out as bisexual at 12 but I wasn't. I just thought I would be more accepted."

Opening up about the issues her child faced, Blake's mum Sharon said she knew her child was concerned with more than his sexuality, saying: "It was very important that I listened and understood what was making him unhappy. I just went along with it, I had an idea there was something more but I didn't want to question him too much."

Blake admits that the bullying he suffered led him to attempt suicide, but credits his mother's support and the much-longed-for transition from female to male as the reason he was able to move on from those traumatic experiences.

Explaining how he feels about his current situation, Blake said: "I'm actually progressing more because of the transitioning. It's hurrying along so I've got more hope in myself."

Proud mum Sharon, like many mothers of transgender children, praised her son for his courage, saying: "He is still Blake and I am so so proud of him and the way that he has come out."