My experience so far of the LloydsPharmacy Change Your Health Direction programme

MummyPages mum, Laura, has been doing the 8 week Change Your Health Direction programme with LloydsPharmacy. Follow her progress here where she will blog about her experience.

I have never enlisted in any sort of programme for my health. Gym membership was never my thing, I was always more of a walk in the park ‘kind of girl’. I tried yoga, but was easily bored. I even joined a dance fitness class with friends, but always found an excuse not to go. I always found something more important to do with my time than exercise, I guess that was because I didn’t have to.

I was always on the slim side in school and that carried through my 20’s and even my 30’s after baby number one and number two. But now that I am in my 40’s and navigating the period after baby number three...let’s just say it’s not as easy shifting those extra few pounds as it once was. I needed focus and motivation, so the LloydsPharmacy ‘Change Your Health Direction’ programme arrived at the perfect time for me.

I visited the Health Coach in my local LloydsPharmacy in Leopardstown and went through my list of concerns regarding my physical and mental health. It was a lovely experience, being brought into a private consultation room and really listened to. The gentle advice she offered me, together with the offer to support me make the lifestyle changes required to improve my wellbeing over the 8-weeks, was just the kind of mentoring I needed.

My LloydsPharmacy Health Coach was very knowledgeable on the kinds of diet and exercise shifts I should make, in addition to the extra vitamins and minerals I could take to support me on my journey. So far, I have seen a definite boost in my mood, which is helping with my energy levels and I feel positive that I will see even bigger changes in the weeks ahead. My main focus is weight loss and diet but the ‘Change Your Health Direction’ programme also offers people the opportunity to make positive health changes and embrace new lifestyle habits in areas such as heart health, smoking cessation, sleep, skincare, digestive health, immunity and energy.