Now that you are a mum, Saturday nights in the pub or in a fancy restaurant are a very rare occurrence. As in once in a blue moon rare...


Nowadays, weekends usually involve spending the day in the park before vegging out on the couch with your significant other, binge watching your favourite Netflix show or movie. 


And while 'Netflix and chill' might be code for something a little racier, it takes on a whole new meaning when you're a parent.


Here are eight things we all go through. Every. Single. Time.


1. You struggle to agree on what to order

Until one of you decides to make the final decision and the other one silently regrets not getting Chinese.


2. Nothing on Netflix tickles your fancy

And you end up watching The Late Late Show because it’s easy.



3. You light a few candles to set the atmosphere

Then panic that you didn’t blow them out properly when you’re heading to bed.


4. You promise yourself that you WON’T eat all the crisps

Then desperately stuff them into your face when your other half is not looking.


5. Your little one decides to crash the party 

And you end up having to share your pizza. 



6. You drink too much wine and end up falling asleep on the couch 

So romantic! 


7. You end up eating WAY too much 

And have to deal with heartburn for the rest of the evening - damn you, spicy pizza! 


8. You spend more time on social media than actually watching the movie

And then regret it as soon as the end credits start rolling - so who saved the world?!



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