New products from Electrosal to restore hydration & support the bodys recovery process

Electrolytes are essential for maintaining proper bodily function and overall well-being. These charged minerals, including sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, play crucial roles in various bodily processes such as regulating fluid balance, supporting nerve and muscle function, and aiding in hydration. Engaging in intense physical activities, especially during hot weather or prolonged exercise, can lead to electrolyte depletion through sweating. This depletion can result in symptoms like muscle cramps, fatigue, dizziness and even more serious complications. Replenishing electrolytes helps restore the body's balance, optimise performance, prevent dehydration, and support recovery. Whether you're an athlete, exercise enthusiast, or simply active, incorporating electrolytes into your routine can help you maintain optimal health and performance levels.

The new Electrosal five-packs in three flavours

Additionally, after experiencing a vomiting bug, replenishing electrolytes is also crucial. Vomiting leads to fluid and electrolyte loss, which can cause dehydration and imbalances. Electrolyte-rich solutions (such as Electrosal) help restore hydration and support the body's recovery process, aiding in the replenishment of essential minerals.

Clonmel Healthcare has just announced the launch of Electrosal Orange Flavour and a new 5 pack.  The 5 pack is an addition to the existing 10 pack.

New Electrosal Orange Flavour

Electrosal is an oral hydration solution containing 3 electrolytes in 1. Electrosal can be used for effective hydration to help replace the loss of fluid and body salts due to exercise, sports, hot weather or travel.  Electrosal is vegan friendly, gluten free and GMO free.   It is available in 3 flavours orange, lemon & raspberry and blackcurrant and comes in two pack size – 5 pack and 10 pack. It is suitable for adults and children over 2 years and available in pharmacies.

Please contact Clonmel Healthcare on 01-6204000 if you require any additional information on Electrosal. Electrosal is a food supplement not to be used as a substitute for a balanced diet.  Always read the label.

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