New products harness the power of Vitamin C to support the immune system

Irish adults get approximately two to three colds every year, and each cold can last from seven to ten days, bringing with it sneezing, coughing, and a fall in energy levels. So it’s good to know that this winter you can prepare yourself for cold and flu season with a natural and immune boosting line of defence. The latest launch from Pro-Ven Probiotics is the Urgent-C range, with three products designed to prevent and overcome short term immune challenges.

With a vast array of nutrients in each product, the range differs from others by combining these nutrients with high potency levels of the clinically studied Lab4 friendly bacteria, to provide the best solution for preventing and tackling short term immune challenges.

Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support

Dr Laura Lenihan, GP, comments:

Winter is here and with it the inevitable onslaught of colds and flus. The common cold is a viral infection that affects us all. Its symptoms usually come on over a couple of days and range from sore throat to blocked nose or a slight temperature. As a GP, I am often asked how to support the immune system. The best advice I can give is to get a good night’s sleep, eat well, and exercise. However, the good news is that research shows that vitamins C and D can help to shorten the duration of colds and respiratory infections.”

“Pro-Ven Probiotics Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support is a great daily supplement to bolster the levels of these vitamins to help support immunity. Vitamin D is particularly important during the winter months, as we don’t get enough sunlight in Ireland to produce it naturally. Each product in the Urgent-C range contains a twin base of 1000mg of vitamin C, and high numbers of the clinically researched Lab4 friendly bacteria or prebiotics, along with vitamin D, zinc, selenium and beta glucans, which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system.

Urgent-C  Daytime Kickstart

Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support contains 1000mg of vitamin C, along with vitamin D, zinc, selenium and beta glucans, which all contribute to the normal function of the immune system. It also has 5 billion of the extensively studied Lab4 friendly bacteria, which form a natural part of the human intestinal microbiome. Take one delicious effervescent orange sachet daily either swallowed directly or dissolved in water.

Feel a tickle in your throat or the start of a cloudy head and aches? The Urgent-C Intensive Support range is here to counteract the symptoms before they take hold.

Kickstart the day as you mean to go on with Urgent-C Immune & Energy Intensive Daytime Kickstart, which contains 25 billion Lab4 friendly bacteria, 1000mg of vitamin C and at least 100% NRV of vitamin D, zinc and selenium to provide comprehensive support for immunity along with beta glucans and elderberry extract. In addition, it also has the full spectrum of B vitamins for longer term energy support, as well as 100mg of caffeine (the same amount typically found in one cup of coffee) to increase levels of alertness and attention.

Urgent-C Nighttime Support

Don’t lose sleep with cold and flu symptoms, by incorporating Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-time Support into your bedtime routine. It provides all the major immune support nutrients of its daytime partner, along with bee propolis and elderberry, along with added magnesium for muscle relaxation and a more comfortable night. With freeze-dried honey and blackcurrant, each sachet makes a comforting drink that warms both your insides and outsides while supporting immunity and rest.

Urgent-C Everyday Immune Support (RRP: €14.50 - €16.50) is for long-term daily use.

Urgent-C Immune & Energy Intensive Day-Time Kickstart (RRP: €6.50 - €7.00) and Urgent-C Immune Intensive Night-Time Support (RRP: €5.50 - €6.00) are intensive formulas designed for short-term use.

The Urgent-C range is available from pharmacies nationwide.