Life with children is hectic, often to the point where we lose sight of the romantic aspect of our relationship and just become ‘Mum’ and ‘Dad’.


There are moments amid the madness, however, when we can ignite that spark all over again – and it’s like nothing changed at all.


This is the call of Christina Herr, a mum-of-three who has given a refreshingly honest insight into what ‘romance’ really entails, once kids arrive on the scene.



Posting a photo of herself and her other half sitting in the play area of a Burger King at the weekend, Christina wrote: “Sometimes, this is what romance looks like.”


In her Facebook post, shared by Love What Matters, Christina went on to explain how she and her husband had just about managed to ‘steal 30 minutes’ together while their kids ‘crawled through giant plastic tubes’.


We can probably all relate to the various stages of their ‘date’, from teaming up to make their little ones eat their food, to working together to mop up a major spillage.


Bachelor in Paradise season 3 episode 7 abc bip


“It’s not particularly glamorous. It’s loud. Distracting. Filled with interruptions. But it’s also familiar, safe, and accepting without pretence. It’s life, love, and marriage with 10 years behind us and three young children in front of us. It’s crazy – but worth it 100 percent,” Christina added, to the applause of parents all over the internet.


We know that we can TOTALLY relate to Christina’s version of ‘romance’ – can you?


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