Finding the perfect Halloween costume for your tiny tot can feel like mission impossible. On Monday, they declare that they want to dress up as Snow White, but by Wednesday they want to be a unicorn. Parents need to be as patient as possible when kids are choosing their costumes.


Children tend to think of the wackiest costume suggestions, but one mum was left disheartened when her daughter admitted that she felt like she couldn’t dress up as a superhero.


Journalist Stacey Skrysak shared the story on her Facebook page. The mum was driving her four-year-old daughter to school at the time of the exchange.


She wrote, “At only four years old, she had gone through dozens of ideas, changing her mind on a weekly basis. On this day, though, she finally had her mind made up.”


Her daughter gleefully shared that she wanted to be a superhero, but what she said next broke her mum’s heart.


“It was the words that followed that made my heart sink. ‘But Mommy, I thought only boys can be superheroes,’ she said with hesitation in her voice.”



The mum was devastated when she realised her daughter wasn’t aware that there were female superheroes.


She quickly reassured her daughter, “Oh yes, there are! Women can most definitely be a superhero.”


She expressed her concerns, “It makes me worry. In our society, women are sometimes at a disadvantage. We aren’t taken as seriously as our male counterparts.”


Stacey wants her daughter to grow up in a world where women are viewed as strong and respected members of society, “I don’t want my daughter growing up, wondering what she may be capable of. I don't want my daughter holding back because that's what society may tell her.”


The mum shared that all she wants is for her daughter to do whatever makes her happy, “I want her to reach for her dreams, even if it’s as simple as being a superhero for Halloween."


The mum revealed a touching truth about her daughter, “Little does she know, she is our real-life superhero, complete with a cape and miracle powers.”



Her daughter Peyton was born premature, and a generous non-profit organisation sent the tiny tot a cape with a 'P' on it when she was a mere four months old.


The mum shared, “The magenta cape was giant draped over her tiny, premature body.”


Peyton faced numerous challenges throughout her life, but her parents always reminded her that she could do anything she puts her mind to.


Her daughter listened to her mum’s wise words and agreed that women can be superheroes too.


The youngster even created her very own superhero for Halloween, “Peyton wants to be her own superhero. So, look out for 'Super P' this Halloween.”


The mum praised her mini superhero, “She's a wise young girl, ready to conquer the world.”


Forget about Wonder Woman, Peyton is our new favourite superhero.