The world was once again left in absolute shock when footage of Omran Daqneesh sitting silently on a chair in an ambulance emerged.



The youngster had been pulled out of a crumbling building by Syria's Civil Defence group, the White Helmets, following an air strike in Aleppo, Syria.


Despite being badly hit in the head, he just sits there calmly - and it is this calmness that makes the image all that more poignant. 



The area, which is held by rebels, has been the victim of many air strikes recently as government forces are fighting to regain control of the city.


The five-year-old, who has now become the face of the devastation in Syria just sits them, dazed, and people questioned where his parents were.



Thankfully, he was reunited with his mum and dad, who arrived at the hospital shortly after him, shortly after, and it was only then did he start crying. 


"He didn't say anything except to ask for his parents,' Abu Rajab from the Syrian American Medical Society told ABC News.


"They arrived shortly after, in a second wave of people. Only then once Omran saw them did he start crying."

While doctors feared he had received internal injuries, thankfully, the youngster’s wounds were only superficial and he was discharged.


His mother, father and three siblings survived the terrifying strike, which killed eight people, including five children. 



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