Christmas may be long gone, but the jolly festive spirit certainly hasn’t faded, especially amongst Irish families. A new study has found that just over half of Irish families are happy with their lives.


Blue Monday certainly isn’t as gloomy as we may have thought, with only four percent of families admitting that they’re unhappy with their lives.


Nearly 700 Irish families opened up about what brightens their day in the study conducted by Celtic Pure Water.


Families revealed that making time for one another has helped boost the atmosphere at home. 45 percent of families eat dinner together every single day, with 44 percent revealing they dine together at least a couple times per week.



Eating dinner together is a great way to stay connected with your loved ones. According to experts, chatting at the dinner table is one of the best language experiences you can provide for your little ones.


Another popular activity amongst the families was visiting the park. Heading along to the local park with your clan is the perfect way to spend a Sunday, especially when the rain stays away and the sun is shining.


Going to the park or playground was the most-loved family activity, but attending the cinema also came out on top with nearly 50 percent of families spending their weekend in front of the big screen with a bucket of butter popcorn.



Clinical Psychologist and Celtic Pure Ambassador, Dr David Coleman, praised the results, “It is good for the soul to hear that Irish families list spending time together as one of the purest pleasures they have.”


“As a child and family psychologist, I have long promoted the need for us to catch key family times, like mealtimes to reconnect with each other,” he added.


With parents revealing that their best life experiences include when their children were born and the first time their child said I love you, it looks like this ‘Blue Monday’ isn’t so blue after all.