Sending a child off to preschool or Kindergarten is intimidating for all involved, and a checklist of requirements relating to their capabilities is possibly the last thing that we need.


This proved to be the case recently for a Reddit parent, who took to the social networking site to express their dismay over a letter sent to them by their child’s soon-to-be Kindergarten.


The letter consists of a checklist of requirements which apparently deem a child ‘ready’ for Kindergarten. Given how these children are usually aged anywhere up to five years, it’s no wonder that the parent has deemed them unrealistic.


Hamilton County schools have unrealistic expectations.


Among the many skills a Kindergartner is expected to possess are the ability to identify 30 or more letters, cut correctly with a scissors and identify all of their colours; way too much to expect, according to this parent.


“Hamilton schools have unrealistic expectations,” wrote the parent, known only by the username ‘hatcher1981’, adding, “I have failed to prepare my son for Kindergarten.”


As you can imagine, the people of Reddit were just as taken aback as this parent, with many sharing tongue-in-cheek reactions.



“Yay! I’m at 31 now! I’m finally ready for Kindergarten!” joked one Redditor, while others struggled to get beyond the standard 26 letters!


Would your child ‘qualify’ for Kindergarten under these conditions?


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