We are all aware of the dangers of drinking alcohol, especially on our health and vulnerability, but when it comes to allowing teenagers drink at home, parents have very different views and opinions.


According to new research released today, 50 percent of parents in the UK let their under-14s consume alcohol at home, with 34 percent using it as a ‘reward’ or ‘bribe’ for good behaviour.


But even more shocking, 11 percent of the 1,000 parents surveyed allowed their five to seven year old have alcohol in the home at some stage, although the research doesn't specify how much they were allowed consume. 


And while it is not illegal for children aged five to 16 to have alcohol at home, children under 14 who drink have increased health risks. 



Apart from bides, why do parents allow their children to drink? 


Well, according to the report, parents feel it helps them monitor their child's alcohol consumption and gives them the opportunity to teach responsible drinking. 


"We know that many parents start from the best intentions when they introduce children to alcohol at home, but all the research indicates that the younger that children start drinking, the more likely they are to have problems with alcohol in later life," Joanna Simons, chief executive at Alcohol Concern, told the Telegraph



"Parents are really important role models for their children and the more that they can keep an eye on the number of units they're drinking, and have a few days off drinking each week, the more that their children's attitude to alcohol will be shaped in a safer way."


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