Penélope Cruz confesses why she bans her children from using mobile phones

Penélope Cruz has admitted that she has banned her children from using mobile phones.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actress currently shares two children - 12-year-old son Leo and 10-year-old daughter Luna - with her husband, No Country for Old Men star Javier Bardem.

Now, as the couple prepare for their tweens to become teenagers, Penélope has detailed one major rule that they have decided upon for their children.

In an interview with Elle, the 49-year-old was asked about her protective nature for Leo and Luna.

“They don’t even have phones. It’s so easy to be manipulated, especially if you have a brain that is still forming,” she explained.

“And who pays the price? Not us, not our generation, who, maybe at 25, learned how a BlackBerry worked. It’s a cruel experiment on children, on teenagers,” she added.

Penélope and Javier continue to remain private about their children, with the mother-of-two even refusing to answer if Leo and Luna have got creative talents like their parents.

Speaking about their plans for the future, Penélope elaborated: “It’s for them to decide if they are going to have a job that is more exposed to the public or not. They can talk about that when they’re ready.”

Penélope and Javier, who have been together since 2007 and secretly tied the knot in the summer of 2010, became parents for the first time with the birth of Leo in January 2011.

Just two years later, the couple expanded their family further when they welcomed daughter Luna into the world in July 2013.

As she recalled giving birth to her first child at the age of 36, Penélope noted: “Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted kids. But I knew I wanted them older. I wanted to wait until I felt I was ready. I was sure it would be the most important thing I would do in my life.”