Nine years on from their engagement, Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden have finally tied the knot, but the pair strayed away from a traditional wedding.


The Emmerdale stars told their guests that they were celebrating Charley’s 30th birthday, however, upon their arrival at Ripley Castle, Harrogate, their friends and family quickly realised that this was a much bigger celebration.


The couple admitted that they wanted to keep their nuptials a secret, and it was certainly worth it. Their one hundred guests had the greatest reaction.



Matthew told OK! magazine, “We couldn’t have had a better response. People just screamed for about ten minutes!”


“It’s funny to think that our guests thought they were coming to Charley’s 30th party – then we told them it was our wedding!” the Emmerdale star shared.



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The lovebirds knew they didn’t want to have a traditional wedding so what better way to do it than surprise their nearest and dearest.


Charley explained that once she heard of the idea, it stuck with her, “This way we got to do it totally the way we wanted- it wasn’t traditional.”



“We didn’t have a sit-down meal and there weren’t loads of speeches, “the actress explained.


Matthew and Charley have two sons together- seven-year-old Buster and two-year-old Bowie.



Charley revealed that they do plan on expanding their family in the future, but they’re going to enjoy married life for the time being, with Charley adding that they’re not putting any pressure on themselves to get pregnant straight away.


Huge congratulations to the happy couple!