A family are thanking their stars this week, after the revelation that their toddler would have died had it not been for her mother’s attention to proper carseat safety.


Pauline Bradley was driving on a highway on Friday night with her two-year-old daughter, Aria, when her car was struck by another vehicle.


While Pauline was airlifted to hospital for treatment, her daughter escaped the crash with minor injuries. Two others were also left with injuries after the accident.


Speaking out after the incident, an investigating police constable praised Pauline for essentially saving her daughter’s life.



“Pauline is badly injured but she is to be commended for her vigilance around the carseat she put her child in, which I have no doubt has saved her daughter. The carseat was extremely good quality and was fitted correctly,” said Paul Hayward.


Pauline - who has been left with a broken arm and pelvis, a shattered ankle, internal bleeding, abdominal injuries and torn ligaments – told local media that her daughter’s safety was her priority at all times.


She said: “All I knew was Aria was safe. As soon as she was safe I was like, ‘Ok, I can kind of give up a bit here’. But then as soon as Justin [her husband] said ‘We need you’, it was like ‘I have to just keep breathing.’”


For information on carseat safety, check out this link.