Upon announcing her pregnancy in recent months, model and TV star, Coco Austin, has been subjected to intense scrutiny from fans and followers who have implied that the star's subtle bump may suggest she's not expecting at all.

Silencing cynics with two sweet snaps earlier today, Coco indirectly addressed her naysayers without feeling the need to specifically reference their previous implications.

Posing for the camera, the stunning mum-to-to be, who announced her pregnancy in July, cradled her very obvious bump and offered Instagram followers an insight into her journey so far.

The model, who is 34 weeks pregnant, opened up about the past few months, writing: "Pregnancy is still going unbelievably smooth! I have a little battle with heart burn but nothing to complain about."

Like most expectant women, Coco is enchanted by the progress of the little one inside, writing: "She moving even more now doing tumbling tricks or something like that because she's very active and it feels like she doing somersaults in my tummy but then totally let's me sleep at night."

Her daughter, who Coco and husband Ice-T plan to name Chanel Nicole, has had an effect on her mum's sweet tooth, with the fitness enthusiast explaining: "[I'm] craving a lot more sweets than normal like frozen yoghurt "

36-year-old Coco, who hopes her fans will follow her blog in order to learn more about her past, present and future, finished the endearing post with the words: "Just thought I might give you a weekly update!"

We're very glad you did, Coco!