As parents, we have a responsibility to ensure our children are healthy in every way, but sensitivity should always rule our approach – particularly when it comes to weight and diet.


Indeed, the importance of broaching the subject of weight and nutrition has been driven home by a recent study, which found that negative commentary regarding a girl’s weight can have a lifelong damaging impact.


The study – carried out by a team of researchers at Cornell University – involved 501 women aged between 20 and 35, classed as both ‘overweight’ and of ‘healthy weight’.


The women were given a survey about body image, and asked to talk about how often their parents commented on their weight and food intake during childhood.



The results showed that the more a parent commented on their daughter’s weight and overeating, the higher the correlation to that woman’s perception of weight dissatisfaction as an adult.


All those who recalled negative commentary from their parents regarding their weight were found to be less satisfied with their weight later in life.


Researchers determined that, according to the study, weight-related comments are damaging to a woman’s body image - regardless of her weight as an adult.


This study really drives the point home: we need to be so sensitive and caring when it comes to broaching this subject. And while this study specifically focused on girls, the very same level of sensitivity needs to be applied when it comes to our sons, too.


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