It’s constantly glued to your face or your hands, and even more worrying, a corner often ends up in your little ones’ mouth – yes, we’re talking about your mobile phone.
While you may not think it at first, new research has proven just how dangerous your mobile phone is for carrying harmful bacteria.
Indeed, according to a study carried out by university students in Surrey, England, the bacteria found on your phone can lead to infections such as food poisoning, impetigo and even septicaemia.
As an essential tool that we have somewhere on our person every day, this is pretty shocking information to take in.
As part of the study, the students conducted a simple test in the laboratory, whereby they imprinted their phones onto Petri dishes and watched the bacteria imprinted grow.
After just three days, they discovered harmful Staphylococcus aureus growing in the dishes. While many people carry the bacteria on their skin and in their noses without getting sick, it can be particularly dangerous if the bacteria makes contact with broken skin.
Study head Dr Simon Parks said that the results should serve as a wakeup call to everyone.
“It seems that the mobile phone doesn’t just remembers telephone numbers, but also harbours a history of our personal and physical contacts such as other people, soil and other matter," he said.
Considering just how often we and our children are in contact with mobile phones and other apparatus, this is particularly concerning.
This information comes just days after a report was published in which parents were warned of the dangers of Wi-Fi to our children.
It seems we need to be taking more care with the tools that have become so essential to our daily lives.