Couples planning to get pregnant may want to listen up, because today, December 11th, has been revealed as the most fertile day of the year.


According to a recent study, September 16th is the most popular birthday in the UK, meaning that December 11th is the day that most couples conceive.


While there is no official explanation behind why this is the most popular date to procreate, scientists have offered up some possible factors.


Firstly, experts believe that the cold winter air improves sperm quality, while another more obvious answer is that the festive cheer of the season makes couples more broody. Decreased workloads and increased partying are also said to play a key factor in the trend.



Others speculate that parents may be planning their conception date based on recent findings suggesting that autumn-born babies have an academic advantage.


The statistics also show that December is generally a popular month for conception in the UK, with nine percent of babies conceived during the build-up to the festive season, and the ten most popular birthdays in the UK all falling in September.