Any parent out there who has had the experience of raising a teenager will know that it comes with its fair share of challenges.


However, according to researchers in Canada, there is a way of getting around an unruly teenager – family time.


A new study, carried out by researchers at the University of Toronto, has found that the amount of time parents spend with their teens can have a significant impact upon their academic achievement, behaviour and emotional wellbeing.


In the study, carried out across 1,600 children, it was discovered that spending six hours a week of “family time” can have a significantly positive impact upon a teenager.



Indeed, researchers found that time spent with family leads to reduced rates of delinquent behaviour, higher academic grades, and lower rates of substance abuse.


A breakdown of their research shows that the same findings didn’t apply to younger children, specifically between the ages of three and 11.


Commenting on the results, University of Toronto sociologist Melissa Milkie said that a small amount of time can make a major difference to your teen’s life.