Not sure if you've got a strong-willed child or just a little terror? 


Well, if you can relate to the following 11 things you DEFINITELY do! 


1. They want to know WHY about everything?!

Why they can’t do a certain thing; why they have to go to bed at a certain hour; why? why? why?


2. They will argue their point for ever and a day

And breathe... you haven’t got a chance once they’re on a roll.


3. They like to boss people around

And not always in a good way...



5. They NEVER take your first answer

They are definitely a trier that’s for sure.


6. Rules? What rules?

In your child’s head rules are only for those who wish to follow them.


4. They have no patience

They want to go to the park NOW!



7. They have selective hearing

Although in fairness most kids (and a fair few adults) do.


8. You’ve secretly envied after the quiet kid in the corner that wouldn’t say boo to a mouse

But then quickly realise your little one will probably end up the boss of some multi corporation and pay for all you old-age comforts.


9. They don’t need help. Ever.

Even if they are struggling to reach the mixing bowl and are getting flour everywhere. 



10. They have an opinion on everything. Literally.

“I don’t like that dress on you”; “I don’t want to wear that”; “Why are we having chicken curry for dinner again?!”


11. They can go from ten to 100 in SECONDS

One minute they’re happily playing houses they next they are screaming and shouting because so and so wasn’t following THEIR rules.



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