The old saying goes that ‘breast is best’, and while this is certainly true when it comes to our babies’ health and nutrition, it looks like the entire human race could be about to benefit, too.


According to reports this week, British scientists have used breast milk to develop an antibiotic that wipes out drug-resistant bacteria, or super-bugs.


The research, which was carried out at London’s National Physical Laboratory, has been hailed as a major scientific breakthrough.


The development of the antibiotic focused on an active ingredient in breast milk. The team grafted this protein into an artificial virus that would attack bacteria but leave our healthy human cells unharmed.



According to sources, this new antibiotic works super-quick – killing bacteria in milliseconds – by preventing the bacteria from mutating and building up a mode of defence.


It is now hoped that this basic research will be further developed and rolled out to help people battling super-bugs.


The more research that’s published, the more evident it is that our breast milk has truly powerful properties.


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