We’ve tried pretty much everything to lose weight, but it seems the only way to make a long-term success of it is to make steady and gradual changes to last.


This is according to a team of experts from the US, who have published new research on the very best way to lose weight.


According to the team, from Drexel University, the key to success in losing weight – and, importantly, maintaining it – is to steadily cut down your calories.


So, yo-yo dieting is a no-go, mums!


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While this seems like common sense, there is scientific weight behind the findings. The team studied a group of obese and overweight people on weight loss programmes for a year. The group consisted of 183 people, aged 18 to 65.


The research team analysed the group’s progression as they took a three-pronged approach to losing weight: using meal replacements, reducing their calorie intake, and boosting their activity levels.


After a year, they gathered their results – and they were very interesting, indeed. The team found that those who lost a consistent amount of weight during the first six weeks of their programme had lost more weight a year on than those who crash dieted.


A year on, and those people who took a steady and consistent approach towards their weight loss journey were more likely to have kept the weight off.


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Commenting on the research, lead author Dr Emily Feig said that the key to success long-term is ‘developing stable, repeatable behaviours’ early on.


Study co-author Professor Michael Lowe urged: “Settle on a weight loss plan that you can maintain week-in-week-out – even if that means consistently losing three-quarters of a pound each week.”


So, there you go, mums. Now, all we need is the willpower to do it, and we will be giving Elle MacPherson a run for her money in no time!


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