When a child is still young, parents would often use boundaries to keep them safe from harm or danger. As they become more independent and grow into teenagers, these rules and boundaries will typically change. It is always important for parents to still have a bit of control over their child’s actions so that they know what kind of behavior is acceptable, and what’s not. It’s no secret that children will like to test the waters and see if they can get away with doing things, similarly, teens will go as far as they can to test the limits of their boundaries that’s why it’s important to set the rules straight from the get go.
Parents will have better success if they make the boundaries together with their teens. When a child understands why their parent makes certain decisions, they will be more likely to co-operate.
Although rules help keep a child away from danger, as they grow older, parents might need to compromise a few things and let their child take more responsibility for their own actions and safety. There will be plenty of times when a parent’s opinions clash with that of their child’s. This is when you might have to do a bit of negotiating with your tween.
When talking to a teen, always be honest and open about the things that are important to you. When all is said and done, give them a chance to say their part. You will find that the conversation will be much more effective when you both get a chance to talk, giving them a sense of responsibility. Once they know they had a say in it as well, and that their opinion matters, they will be more willing to compromise. Let them know what is extremely important and what is just minor. If they have too many rules and boundaries might have you tween rebelling against you. Always have a balance, and be prepared to re-negotiate for the things that you cannot let slide.