Each time a new report like this is published, people express their shock at how a parent could leave their child in a hot car. However, the concerning stories just keep coming, and now dramatic footage has captured the impact of an incident like this on a young child.


The incident occurred on Thursday, in the car park of a Costco supermarket in the States. An employee of the supermarket raised the alarm with emergency services after spotting a young girl “soaking wet”, crying and stuck inside a van. The child’s mother was shopping in the store at the time.


An officer arrived on the scene shortly after and used his baton to smash the van window, safely rescuing the little girl. The mother has now been charged with child endangerment for leaving the girl in the car amid 80-degree heat.


The rescue was captured on video and shared to social media, and has since gone viral around the world.


While any such incident is shocking, this footage really drives home how dangerous and traumatising it is for a child. Not only can you hear the little girl’s sobs, but bystanders can’t help but express their shock as they set eyes on her, upset and soaking wet.


Check out the footage below.


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Posted by Rafael Rodriguez II on Thursday, July 30, 2015