If you notice your child is trying to avoid going to school, or seems upset, sad or angry, especially after they have been using their phone or been on the internet this could be a sign that they are being cyberbullied.
Other signs to watch for include, if your child:
  • Withdraws from activities they normally enjoy (For instance, they don’t want to go to football practice)
  • Suddenly shows no interest in computers
  • Quickly changing or shutting down screens when you enter the room
Confirm that your child is being bullied
There are four questions, that when combined, you can use to determine whether the behaviour you are dealing with is bullying:
Target: Is your child being targeted on his own or is there a group of people being bullied?
Duration:  Has this behaviour been happening over a period of time?
Frequency:  Is this behaviour part of an ongoing pattern or cycle?
Intention: Is this behaviour deliberately intended to harm or upset your child?