Remember when they were your sweet little angel? Well, that time has passed and those dreaded teen years have finally arrived. Instead of hoping that those eight years will go by quickly, it’s best like anything with your child, to face things head on. Here are some of the things that you need to be prepared for, when it comes to your teen’s behaviour.
Scary mood swings
Those dreaded hormones will cause your teen to be lovely one second and then turn into a frightening monster the next. It’s far from nice and anything, can cause a sudden teen tantrum. Usually when this happens, it’s best to give them their space while you take cover.
You will get the blame for everything
It’s inevitable, even for things that you weren’t there for. Your teen will somehow manage to twist the blame onto you.
Lack of communication
Communication breakdowns most definitely occur during the teen years. Their new lingo or lack of words altogether, make it impossible for you to even attempt some form of communication with your teen. The best you can hope for is an interpretation of what’s going on through their body language. So, if you ask them something simple, don’t be surprised if the response is met with your teen rolling their eyes or shrugging their shoulders.
Questionable behaviour
You remember what it’s like to be a teen and probably did some things that you're ashamed to admit. But sometimes you have to wonder what is going on in your teen’s mind when it comes to some of their strange behaviour. If it’s not their clothes, it’s their attitude or how nowadays, most teens are choosing to keep themselves entertained. And of course when you dare ask for an explanation of why teens are currently behaving this way, you will be met with a frosty “you just don’t get it” and the truth is, you don’t.
Even though raising a teen is never easy, you know that somewhere down there is your little boy or girl and despite all the hostility, they love you as much as you love them.