As your child grows up and becomes more independent, they might not confide their problems in you as much. And while independence is a good thing, if your son or daughter is being bullied and they struggle to come to you, it can be a problem. Whether it’s due to feeling they can handle it on their own, being embarrassed or even scared, sometimes the only way you know your child is being bullied is by looking out for the following signs.


They don’t want to leave the house

If your son or daughter is suddenly very reluctant to leave to house, even to go to the shops, there could be something going on. While you shouldn’t immediately jump to conclusions, signs that they are shutting themselves away from the world or becoming increasingly anxious about leaving the home should be investigated further.


They spend more time on their own 

Isolation is another way for your child to distance themselves from the bullies. It is important you try to get your teen to spend time with friends they trust, so if they feel they can’t open up to you there is someone there for them to talk to.


They are increasingly moody

While teens are expected to be a little moody, if you notice their moods are ever changing from being happy to sullen and withdrawn, try to get them to open up to you, if at all possible.


Concentration problems

If your youngster is being bullied they may find it hard to concentrate on schoolwork or homework as they spend a lot of time worrying about the bullies. You may also notice a deterioration in their academic work or an inability to concentrate on their favourite TV show.


Loss of appetite

While a loss of appetite isn’t solely down to your son or daughter being bullied, there is definitely something going on that needs to be looked into.