Whether it’s the silly puns or down-with-the-kids lines, mums and dads have a strange sense of humour, and their jokes are only ever funny to a select few, as one young girl found out the hard way.


Obviously chancing her arm and asking for an iPad, this youngster received little more than she bargained for and was CLEARLY not happy - maybe she should have clarified what type of iPad she wanted! 


Posting the below photo on Imgur, user, Drunk Cinderella, simply wrote: “She wanted an iPad”.


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As can be seen in the snap, the little girl received an ‘eye pad’ but we’re pretty sure (if the eye stare is anything to go by) it was not what she wanted, but we’re sure her parents got a laugh out of t!


However, fans of the social media site were quick to point out that maybe the parents should watch their backs...


“With the look she's giving, I wouldn't sleep tonight. Or at least sleep with one iOpen,” wrote Arebenji.


While another wrote: "Through the magic of the Internet, we can capture the *exact* moment when a girl loses her faith in her father."




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