Bonding with your child used to be so much easier when they were younger, but now, your tween just wants to spend all of their time with their friends. While it’s something that you shouldn’t take too personally as it’s a common trait amongst tweens, it's still important to make time for your preteen. Thankfully, there are some great ways that you can bond with your tween:
Special meal
Organise a special night for just you and your tween. It could be going to your favourite restaurant, or cooking a favourite meal together, or even getting a take away. Not only can it be fun, but it can really give you an opportunity to bond with your tween too. 
Classes don’t have to be boring, especially if you and your tween decide to take up a fun activity together. Family activities can also give you both an opportunity to learn something new. Find an interest you both share, or a curiosity, and look into local classes you can take together. Ideas could range from the creative to the athletic kind.
Movie night
You don’t have to go to the cinema every week but you can still organise a special movie night for you and your tween. You can use movie night as an opportunity to discover your tween’s interests when it comes to their movie choices, but also introduce your tween to some of your own.
Volunteer together
This might not excite your tween originally, but volunteering together can teach your child about how to give back to the community. You can both work towards a cause you support. It can also help your tween develop essential life skills, and develop future career prospects.
Take your tween to work
It may not seem like it but most tweens are interested in what their parents do for a living. Your tween will feel more connected to you if they see your workplace, meets co-workers, and learn about how you spend your day. Try to make the experience fun by giving your tween a small project to complete, or by enjoying lunch together.