Whether you are ready to say goodbye to primary school or not, your little one is entering the big world of secondary school, and it is important that you are ready. It can be an overwhelming time for both of you so the best thing you can do to settle any nerves is be organised.


To help make starting secondary school easier on mums, we have compiled a number of things that you need to remember/ do before the big day.


1. Plan how they are going to get to school

Don’t wait until the last minute before deciding how your youngster is going to get to school in the mornings. Whether they are going to be cycling, walking or taking the bus it would be a good idea to do a run through before the big day so that they don’t get lost. If you are going to be driving them yourself it is important you know the route and have an idea of what traffic is like so they aren’t late on their first day.


2. Get supplies ready

Make sure your youngster has all their school books, equipment, stationary, pencil cases, bags and gym gear ready so that their first week won’t involve any unnecessary stress.  And remember, secondary school is expensive enough already without having to go off and buy new items if they get lost  so make sure you have their name on all their belongings.



3. Have a map of the school

Many schools will give new pupils a map before they start so that they have an idea of where everything is, and it is important your child reads it. While they won’t have to memorise it, it is always a good idea to have the general idea of where things are.


4. Do some research

Having a friend the first day scan help your child with the transition so ring around to see if you or they know anyone who is starting in the sane school. If there is no one they know going to the same school, encourage them to sign up to an after school activity that will help them make friends.


5. Get them used to the early mornings

Ok, you don’t need to start yet, but in the next two weeks gradually encourage your teen to go to bed ten/ twenty minutes earlier and get up about 30 minutes before they have been, this will help them to gradually get back into a school routine and ensure they aren’t too tired the first week.