Most of us have heard of the phrase ‘it's a cheat day’...


You know, that special day in the week when you get to eat whatever tickles your fancy without feeling guilty for breaking your diet?


However, it is certainly not a phrase we would like our kids to associate with their food – we want them to grow up with good, healthy attitudes to eating. 


With this in mind, it is not surprising that Twitter was awash with outrage when an image of what looked like kids' pyjamas from New Look with ‘cheat day’ written on them surfaced on the social media site.



With followers calling them “irresponsible” and begging the store to “reconsider the message”, things were about to get a little out  of hand – until New Look took to Twitter to settle the matter, that is.




Responding to the allegations, New Look explained that they “have always taken responsibility in promoting body confidence very seriously, particularly when it comes to [their] younger customers”, and that the pyjamas were in fact NOT meant for children.


“The pyjamas in question are not part of our children’s range and are on sale in adult sizes only. It appears that they were mistakenly displayed in the wrong area in this instance and this has now been rectified,” a representative of the store tweeted.



It just goes to show how important it is to check things BEFORE you complain on social media...


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