Strep throat

Strep throat is a painful bacterial infection of the throat that requires a doctor’s treatment.
The most common indications that your child has strep throat are swollen tonsils that are bright red with spots of white on them.
Strep throat is also accompanied by a fever of 38.3 degrees Celsius or higher, chills, swollen and sore glands under the jay, and headache.
If your child has other cold symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, watery eyes, or a cough, chances are the sore throat is not strep throat.
If you suspect that your child has strep throat, call the doctor. Since it is a bacterial infection, it will respond to antibiotics. Your doctor will also need to check your child for other symptoms that could indicate a more serious condition. When that is ruled out, they will perform a throat culture, which is simply a swab rubbed on the back of your child’s throat. The swab will then be tested for the Streptococcus bacteria which causes strep throat.
There could be serious side effects if strep throat goes untreated. When the body is infected with the Streptococcus bacteria, it produces antibodies to attack the bacteria. If strep throat is allowed to linger in the body, these antibodies will begin to attack healthy organs causing other serious conditions.
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