Every once in a while, a very special teacher will come along who seems to just have an innate ability to inspire their students, and Texan educator Kyle Simpler is clearly one of those people.


The teacher has found himself the centre of a viral video sensation this week, after his students shocked him with a very special and touching birthday surprise.


Simpler, who is a teacher at Burleson High School, turned 59 this week and happened to mention that it had been 10 years since he had received a cake on his birthday. A favourite faculty member among the students, one class decided that they absolutely had to do something to mark the big day for him.


So, with the class all chipping in money, they organised a party for Mr Simpler. They decorated the classroom, purchased gifts and, most importantly, they ordered a birthday cake featuring his favourite cat, Felix.


The students had their phones at the ready when Mr Simpler walked into the classroom for his surprise party, and they captured his amazing reaction when he saw what they had done for him. In fact, so touched and moved was Mr Simpler, that he even shed a few tears of happiness!


Sharing the footage to YouTube, pupil Maeya wrote: “He hasn't had a birthday cake in 10 years, so you know we couldn't pass up the opportunity so make this birthday special!”


Naturally, the footage did the rounds on social media, and it wasn’t long before Mr Simpler was contacted for comment on his amazing birthday surprise. Speaking to Inside Edition, he said that the whole thing left him “floored”.


Check out the gorgeous footage below, but be sure to have the tissues to hand!



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