“What is the most stupid fight you’ve ever had with a significant other?”


That was the question that Reddit user RobotSnack put to the World Wide Web, and the results were expectedly hilarious.


There was a pretty wide range of responses from your standard ‘who should replace the milk?’ tiff to the full on ridiculous row about the anatomy of a toe.


Yes, all the behind the scenes action from everyone else’s relationship that makes us feel a bit better about ourselves was on full display for all to see.


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The Hanger is real:


“A yelling argument about where to go lunch that ended with my girlfriend at the time crying in bathtub saying, ‘all I wanted was tacos.’  The hangry is real.” – labarbatron


How do you solve a problem like this?


“On a road trip my ex sings, ‘the hills are alive with the sound of ...’ and then looks to me to continue. I have no idea what she is signing, instead I see some cows as we're driving, so that's what I say, ‘the hills are alive with the sound of cows’. Ex flips her s**t because somehow she thinks I'm saying she sounds like a cow.” – annonEms


Don’t touch the spice rack:


“She rearranged the spice cabinet once. I almost sent her to live with her family for a while.” – trainspotting2


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Tempting fate:


“I once argued with a gf about whether or not we were going to have an argument.” – Jerzeem


Conflicting schedules:



The one about to spark a thought:


“My fiancée and I got in an argument about what the ‘top’ of your toe was (whether it was the part where your toenail is, or, you know, the part that touches the front of your shoes).” – simple_torture


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No joke, don’t mess with a hungry woman:


“My wife and I got in an argument over nachos. When we were halfway through, she said I had eaten my share and the rest were hers. What? She was eating too and they were only half gone, there is no way I ate all half and she none. It started out playful, but got pretty serious when she really wanted me to not eat anymore.” – mbrown030


Another case of tempting fate:


“An ‘I’m breaking up with you’ April fool's joke led to a huge argument then the real thing....” – gypsythatremains


Out of sight, out of mind:



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Don’t take a drink of anything before reading this one:



While they are definitely hilarious we’re not sure if we’d be so quick to air our dirty laundry online.


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