Suffering from tiredness & fatigue? Iron is crucial to good health.

Iron is crucial to good health, as it is central to making red blood cells which carry oxygen around the body as various different lifestyles and life stages, demand enhanced iron stores and energy levels.

Solvotrin Therapeutics in Cork have developed a new higher dose of Active Iron, Active Iron Advance, to meet the needs of those who have an increased need for iron.

Athletes, pregnant and menstruating women, and anyone on a restricted diet, such or vegetarians, can benefit from the new 25mg iron dose, which provides 179% of the recommended daily amount of elemental iron.

Active Iron Advance is clinically effective in increasing iron stores by 94%¹ and resulting energy levels, while helping to reduce the negative side-effects of oral iron. 

It delivers 2X better absorption of iron sulfate² and is 6X less likely to cause gut irritation¹, compared to other oral iron, meaning that people are four times more likely to keep taking it¹.

The non-constipating iron supplement is easy-to-swallow and gentle, even on an empty stomach, due to its ground-breaking protein formula.

A popular supplement among adults, iron helps reduce tiredness and supports cognitive function, normal immune function and the formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin.

Supplementary Question

For some cohorts, iron supplementation is particularly important.  Monthly menstruation is the most common cause of iron loss worldwide, and research indicates that women of childbearing age need up to three times more iron than men.

A recent survey of 2,400 women³, commissioned by the makers of Active Iron, showed that half of women (51%) get tiredness and fatigue regularly due to their period.

Almost two-thirds of women (64%) have experienced heavy periods, meaning they are more likely to suffer tiredness due to inadequate iron levels.  However, almost half (46%) never considered they might have inadequate iron levels because of menstruation.

So too, iron needs are increased during pregnancy as blood volume increases by up to 50% to transport oxygen for the mother and baby.

Athletes who enjoy endurance exercise like running, rowing or cycling need iron to maintain energy production by the muscles, particularly as iron is lost through exercise. 

And, although a vegetarian diet will be high in iron rich foods, plant-based sources of iron are poorly absorbed in the diet.  Active Iron is a vegetarian-friendly supplement with capsules that contain a groundbreaking protein formula that is free from artificial preservatives, sugar, gluten and wheat.

As calls are made for blood donors to resume attending clinics, it should also be noted that an adverse effect of blood donation is iron loss.  Blood donation experts often recommend iron supplementation for up to 6 months post donation.

30-days’ supply of Active Iron Advance, produced by Solvotrin Therapeutics in Cork, has an RRP of €21.99 and is available online at and in pharmacies and health food retailers.

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