As any mum knows, when you have demanding kids hanging off every one of your available limbs, date nights get put on the backburner.
Well, either that or your ‘date night’ consists of lying exhausted in front of the telly watching Sleepless in Seattle for the millionth time.
Which OK, is all well and good (we cry every time) but we still can’t underestimate how important it is to get dressed up and actually leave the house. Here’s why:
1. Relationships take work and effort
No matter how long you’re together, it’s SO important to keeping working at your relationship. Making the time to go on regular date nights shows each other you’re not taking your relationship for granted.
2. Getting dressed up makes us feel GOOD
We all need a reason to do ourselves up once in a while, right? We mums mostly dress for comfort – God knows we love our stretchy leggings – but the desire to put on a sparkly dress and a sexy pair of heels never goes away.
3. Parents NEED a break
We mums need date nights like a life raft at times. We need to step away from the washing machine, from the homework, from all the stresses of life, and just relax and have FUN. And of course our main man needs the exact same thing.
4. You need a bit of romance
It can be easy to start to think of yourselves as just ‘parents’. Date nights are essential to make you both remember you’re still just… you. And let’s face it, it’s far easier to be romantic over a glass of wine and a meal, that at home surrounded by kiddiwinks demanding your attention.  
5. It gets the ‘sexy spark’ going
As any exhausted parent can attest to, the tiredness that comes with looking after kids and running a house can mean sexy time is relegated to the bottom of the priority list. Reconnecting over a lovely meal or a new shared experience will help reignite that sexy spark.
And if you’re looking for a cosy date night venue with a difference, check out The Hazel House’s Friday night pizza and wine evenings. The gorge venue is located at the foot of the Dublin Mountains, five minutes from Marlay Park, so not only is the food delish, the setting is fab too. For more, click here