With fertility treatments becoming more common in the past 20 years, there are now 40,000 people who were born through egg, sperm and embryo donation living in the UK.


Georgia Bond and Jack Bowman, both from Liverpool, have been best friends since they met at high school and both knew they had been conceived through IVF.


Sometimes they joked among themselves that they were more like siblings than best friends.


But then they discovered something truly amazing, they were both conceived from the same sperm donor and are in fact, brother and sister.


After doing some research into the circumstances of their conceptions, the teens made the amazing discovery.



“A few weeks ago we found out we were able to access details about our donors and donor conceived siblings,” Georgia explained.


"So Jack received his first telling him he had a sister born in 1998 which resulted in me requesting mine for that small chance we could actually be siblings.


"After weeks of sitting by the letter box with both excitement and dread, today we found we have the same sperm donor so we genuinely are brother and sister after all."


Georgia posted an emotional tweet online alongside a photo of herself and Jack saying: “Found out today my best mate is my brother.


“Happiest person ever right now. To all those who were IVF, request your details - best thing I've ever done. Miracles can happen."


Since 1991, the Human Fertilisation and Embryo Authority have kept records of all births that resulted from fertility treatments carried out at registered clinics in the UK, according to The Mirror.


Prior to this, licenced sperm and egg donation could be done anonymously and a vast number of donors are untraceable which makes Georgia and Jack's findings even more amazing.


From the age of 16, users can request any non-identifying information that there is available about their donor.


Since her amazing revelation, Georgia’s been overwhelmed with tweets from well-wishers.


One young man tweeted Georgia to say he’d discovered he had 13 donor-conceived genetic siblings. Another friend said: “This is the best thing I’ve ever read, I’m so happy for you.”



However, the youngsters were also inundated with tweets suggesting that their relationship was a romantic one until Georgia shut down the trolls by pointing out that Jack is gay.


We’re delighted for these adorable besties – what are the chances of making this discovery?