We are all familiar with the police handing out tickets for bad parking but never the other way round.
But one 14-year-old girl from Texas, America did just that. Annie James spotted the police car illegally parked in a marked fire lane and decided to take matters into her own hands.
Annie wrote on the ticket that the police car was in violation of Bay Oaks apartment rules which included parking in a fire lane, parking on a curb and that he wasn't the head of parking.
She also gave the policeman a $10 fine to give to the manager of the shop of where he was parked.
Luckily for Annie the police officer, Tommy King saw the funny side of the parking ticket.
“I thought it was neat that she made it for $10 but she didn’t make it to herself.”
However, Annie was rewarded for her work as both the police officer and store manager chipped in to give her a $40 gift voucher to a toy store.