There are lots of ways that parents can help their child develop a healthy body image. One of the most important things to look at is the example that you are setting for your child. Do you constantly give out that you are unhappy with your weight, how you look or are you confident in your own skin? This will have a huge impact on how your child views herself.
If you are unhappy with your weight or body then do something about it. Get active as a family and eat healthier. This will show your teen that even if she is unhappy with her weight or how she looks, she can do something positive to change it.
It’s also important not to make negative remarks about your teen’s body. If she has a problem with her weight, she will know this better than anyone. Compliment your teen, tell her when an outfit suits her, tell her what lovely hair she has and what a beautiful smile she has. Talk to her about making changes for the good and become involved in getting her eating healthier and becoming more active.  Instead of sitting down watching TV together in the evening, why not go for a walk or a cycle as a family?  Tell her the whole family needs to get fitter and make it a team effort.
Encourage your child to get involved in a team sport or activity. Girls who participate in sports are more likely to have a healthy body image.Most importantly, emphasise the fact that there are more important things than appearance. Make sure your teen knows that being a good friend, kindness, honesty and integrity are values that she should hold in the highest of regard.