No doubt you will remember the concerning report from earlier this year, detailing how two teenage girls went to elaborate means in a bid to kidnap babies from their mothers; well, today, those two young women have been sentenced.


Holly Kelland, 18, and Codie Farrar, 17, were today sentenced to one year in prison by, having previously admitted conspiracy to kidnap three babies.


According to reports, Kelland and Ferrar carried out their terrifying plot using a fake Facebook page, through which they were pretending to give away free children’s clothing to mothers.


The teens contacted the mothers through the page, attempting to trick them into handing over their contact details.


Their ruse was discovered after Farrar called around to one mother’s house, posing as a social worker who wanted to take her baby away to give it a free medical assessment.



The mother’s concern was piqued when she saw that Farrar did not know how to hold a baby properly, and the authorities were soon called to intervene.


The teens admitted to their sinister plot and were sentenced today before Derby Youth Court.


Delivering their sentence, District Judge Jonathan Taaffe said: “I'd be failing in my public duty if a custodial sentence was not imposed.”


"This is a very serious set of circumstances that involved planning and sophistication. To take newborn babies from home addresses – that can only in my view be dealt with by the imposition of immediate custodial sentences,” he added.


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