This teenager is determined to make the most of his last few days, by raising £1 million for charity before he dies.
Stephen Sutton was 15-years-old when he was diagnosed with colorectal cancer and despite having the tumour removed from his bowel, it returned a year later.
But Stephen decided not to let this get to him and instead drew up a bucket list of 46 tasks, which included his no.1 task of raising money for charity, Teenage Cancer Trust.
Sutton has done various things to help raise money for charity including sky diving, bungee jumping and organising a charity party. He has even met various celebrities to help raise awareness, including footballers Theo Walcott, Frank Lampard and comedian, Jimmy Carr.
Stephen has raised £592,685.78 so far, but he still needs to raise over £400,000 to reach his target.
Despite revealing on his Facebook page that he has become weaker and doesn’t have much days left, the 19-year-old remains extraordinarily positive about what he has achieved.
“I don’t really want to die, but hopefully my journey has influenced a lot of people for the better and taught people not to take life for granted. I think it has, and will hopefully continue to do so in the future, so in a situation that seems so unfair and without explanation, at least there has certainly been some purpose for me in my short time alive, which certainly helps ease the pain. Cancer sucks, but life has been brilliant.”

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