We've all been there, so we know just how tough being a teenager is - but that doesn't make living with them any easier, does it?!


They're messy, they're grumpy, they eat everything that catches their eye and they struggle with the basics of everyday life!


If you do have the pleasure of living with a teenager, then you are sure to recognise the following ten things that they struggle with! 


1. Putting dirty clothes IN the wash basket

The floor beside them is the nearest they'll ever get.


2. Closing doors QUIETLY 

And, yes, slammed doors CAN make the house shake.



3. Emptying the dishwasher 

But putting dirty dishes on the counter above it is grand.


4. Picking up their OWN dirty underwear 

No, that's a job they leave for you... oh, how kind. 


5. Eating what you give them WITHOUT complaining 

God, don't you know they don't eat meat anymore?!



6. Telling you where they are going

Why would you even DARE ask?!


7. Not spending their money on rubbish

They are like magpies when they see anything shiney.


8. Picking their own GROSS hair out of the shower drain 

Oh no, sure that's a job for Mum, right?!



9. Responding to anything other than with "um", "no", "grunt"

Having a conversation is next to impossible.


10. Lifting their head up from their phone long enough to acknowledge your existence

You are but a cook, taxi driver and bank to them - when they need you they will call.