The Late Late Toy Show: the ONLY time of the year parents actually WANT their kids to stay up late.  


A bit of a tradition around the country, by 9:30 there are thousands of families around Ireland settling down to await Ryan's unveiling of his Christmas jumper.


Whether you preferred Gay, Pat or Mr Tubridy himself, most of us would be quick to admit that Christmas just wouldn't be the same without the Toy Show.


And the following best bits are EXACTLY why we love it so much


1. John Joe, the horologist

We were left speechless when he began talking about his future career as a horologist. Yup, we'd never heard of it until John Joe either!



2. That time Domhnall met his hero

Domhnall was completely unprepared when Robbie Keane came out on the stage and surprised him. 



3. When Danielle wowed us with her knowledge of all 32 counties

Not only is it a big ask to recite all 32 counties without prompt, but to do it on live TV - on the Toy Show, no less - is a pretty amazing feat; this is why adorable little Danielle wins a spot on our list today.



4. When Fionn stood up for small farmers everywhere 

“The tractor stops, the tractor stops”; And, yes, he’s got that rapper ‘I’m a total badass’ stare down to a tee.



5. "Any craic?' 'Níl'

That time Ryan was put in his place by Alex Meehan. Alex - the legend. 



6. Or when Toby met Girls Aloud - and looked like he wanted to cry 

He even managed to knock back Kimberley Walsh's offer of a kiss.