Today marks a very important day in the UK as the public vote on whether they want to stay in the EU or opt out.


And considering there are plenty of reasons to stay and plenty of reasons to leave, many people may still be left undecided as to what to vote for.


However, six-year-old Harry Connor from Denton, Greater Manchester, is here to help you understand the complex issues that surround the vote.


Posting two videos aimed at children (even though they can’t vote!), the adorable youngster uses his toy cars to explain how the EU is “a sort of team or family” and to present both sides of the argument.


However, while he does admit that if he was able to participate in the election he would vote "Remain"’, he says that “the main thing is to vote”.


His adorable little sister Isabelle also makes an appearance at the end, and she is also staying because she "doesn’t like the dark”...


Part 1: 



Part 2: 



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